Monday, 22 March 2010

The Meaning of Myernark

People always ask us what does Myernark mean? Everytime I hear this question I yearn to be able to recite a detailed creation story of Nordic folklore explaining how the Myern Ark was the immense mythical Viking ship that carried the Gods across the heavenly realms as they brought the earth, wind and sea into existence.

The reality, however, is the result of a more prosaic process akin to a facebook application that creates your own porn star persona by combining your mother’s maiden name with the appellation of your first pet.

Myer, German and Hebrew in its origin I think, is the middle name of our adorable pint sized front man, Jonathan and it appropriately means shining (it also means farmer). Nark, is a reference to Noah’s Ark, Noah in this case being the beloved emperor like cat of Jonathan and Michael....

The result is an interesting looking word that nobody can pronounce, but a word we hope will in time be associated the hip winding grooves of our feral seductive pop...if not the name may be changed...any suggestions?

(Rion a.ka Ganjit Motormouth)