Wednesday, 23 February 2011

NYE Childhood Heroes Revealed!

Apologies for the delay with this post! A huge thank you to all those came to our NYE event, the party was a massive success. All the bands were fantastic. Dressed as David Bowie from the Labyrinth and Pippy Long Stockings The Cry Baby kicked off the night with a thoughtful and reflective set poignant for the eve of a new era. Anna's beautiful lyrics and melodic reverie captivated and spellbound an audience who were ready to explode into their annual session of heightened feral behaviour. Appearing on stage as Darth Vader and Father Dougal McGuire JonnyGoneHome unleashed the beast like nature of the crowd, with their unique aggressive guitar led arrangements and the awesome bluesy howling of their front man.

By this point the party temperature had been rising- Upstairs Dj Tim (dressed as Leonardo the teenage mutant ninja turtle) and Princess Leia and the Glad Rags Crew (looking beautiful dressed as Jim'll Fix it) had whipped up a frenzy of childlike behaviour amongst revellers with their ecletic choice of dancin' tunes.

King Robot started the second half, the gorgeous vocals of front man Sam Mensah combined with the transcendental energy of the band raised the chakral vibrations of those who entered into the Shangri La of the Slaughtered Lamb.

Headline act was ourselves, our delectable front man performed as Robocop with an incredible home made costume made from cereal boxes and tin foil, Michael on bass began the night as Childhood hero Beethoven but by midnight he had clearly become Hugh Hefner. Rion (myself) always looking for any excuse to dress like a Shaman, came as Indiana Jones bad guy Mola Ram. Our incredible rhythm section Edu provided us pure groove delight whilst appropriately dressed as Pop legend MJ!

The night was ended with Future Cop's dazzling DJ set of electro synth based tunes...after that the night turns into a blur as we continued to regress into toddler like misbehaviour...