Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Here is a selection of some Myernark's baadass flyer designs from past gigs, as designed by resident artist and guitarist - Rion Willard.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

This Friday @ 333!!

Queen of Hoxton - 30th July - REVIEW

A massive thanks to all those who helped us pack out and create one of the best and most exciting gigs we’ve had so far. The atmosphere was awesome! For those who missed out - our set was outrageously ignited with our ace guest alto saxophonist ‘Jake the Snake’ who began his incredible wailing on the brass pipe like a lunatic crack head starved of his midnight fix. These captivating sounds of walrus’s in the throes of passionate love making quickly formed into our infamous ‘Dance Wiv Me’. This post industrial head dizzying hip grinding tune threw our enigmatic front man into his usual unique epileptic seizure dance, and the crowd quickly followed suit. RAD, Inhale, and Love the way were faultlessly blasted out with their infectious beats finding their way into the gyrating hips of a united colours of Benetton flavoured audience. Testify, our new sexily panty wetting groove was also unveiled and to great success resulting in our predator front man working his seductive feral moves on a Nubian princess!! Great Night!


Myernark are one of the most original, unique and special bands you are ever likely to encounter.

For the last 3 years we’ve been fuelled by a laptop, live bass, guitar and vocals. NOW interest is fast growing around us, the time has come to add the energy and creativity of a live drummer to our work.
We're quite certain the right drummer will absolutely RELISH our material. There's vastly more variety and groove - and original & catchy song writing than you'll find with 99% other bands. We need a superb drummer who can handle this.

Ideally the names Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jeff Porcaro and Jimmy Chamberlin, Stewart Copeland and John Bonham mean something to you... If this sounds like you... give us a call.